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Power of MSG91

Posted by Prosenjeet Paul 31/05/2019 0 Comment(s)

We keep improving our tech and today we are glad to share partnership with MSG91. We have been looking for a while to support our messaging service to deliver our product informations to our customers then our search ends with the India's most pouplar service called MSG91.


They helped us to improve our communication system with our customers like delivery notifications, Instant OTP service, Promotional SMS service etc. We are looking forward to implement the OTP features in our logins this will be introduced soon in the upcoming months.


Now no need to worry about tracking your product, once you order placed on our website we will share updates like dispatch details & out for delivery notifications via SMS. To cover the post delivery service we are offering feedback options to our customers now our customers can send short SMS (Yes or No) to our virtual numbers If the product didn't get delivered or the product is taking longer than usual to reach then we will take appropriate action like re-attempt the delivery on their request or contact the delivery partner on be half of the customers. This will help us to track each and every orders, also this will reduce the percentage of undelievered products. We are also introducing feedback options, feedback SMS will be delievered to the customers once their products gets delivered, customers can use the provided link in the SMS to rate our product and service. We will be introducing more features in future to utlize all the powers of MSG91MSG91 is trusted by over 5000+ companies.


We will be introudcing more features in future please subsribe to our newsletters and get more updates and latest news from Flenco.

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